STOMPLFO 8-pin tap tempo LFO

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The STOMPLFO tap tempo chip is a simplified 8-pin version of our popular TAPLFO chip. It is intended to replace the typical (and boring!) dual op-amp Schmitt trigger/integrator LFO that turns up in a million stompbox and guitar pedal designs.

It provides 8 waveforms including two interesting random waves, and can generate frequencies from 0.05Hz to 25Hz.

The LFO frequency, waveform selection, LFO depth, and output offset voltage are all voltage-controlled using 0-5V.

Download Electric Druid STOMPLFO tap tempo LFO DatasheetDruidDatasheetPDF

The datasheet includes example circuit diagrams, example waveforms, and the chip pinout diagram.

If you’d like to program your own chip for personal use, code and further details are available over on the original article about the new Druid chips.



1 review for STOMPLFO 8-pin tap tempo LFO

  1. Rich pyper (verified owner)

    What a fantastic chip. No more non polarised caps in integrator/schmitt trigger lfo’s.
    Everything I ever wanted in an lfo in a simple 8 pin dip package.

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