FilterFX PCB + Parts set

PCB, 2 x Vactrols, 2 x Switches, and STOMPLFO chip for FilterFX project

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FilterFX PCB, complete with two Xvive VTL5C3 vactrols, two Salecom T812 three-position (On-On-On) DPDT switches, and a Druid STOMPLFO chip. This PCB+parts set is all the more-difficult-to-obtain parts. You might also want the FilterFX pot set which includes four of the right-angle PCB mounting 10K Lin potentiometers which make the build very easy.

The PCB is designed to fit into a Hammond 1490BB enclosure in landscape format, and can be used with PCB mounting pots for a simple, reliable construction.

The PCB is FR4 fibreglass for strength, with plated through-holes and green soldermask and white screen print on both sides. The PCB layout can accept film capacitors with either 5mm/0.2″ or 7.5mm/0.3″ lead spacing, so you’re not limited in your choice of capacitors.

There’s a lot more details including sound samples, and links to the schematic and the construction guide over at the project page for the FilterFX.



4 reviews for FilterFX PCB + Parts set

  1. Peter

    I need to know more!

    • Tom Wiltshire

      Ok! Here’s the full article:
      The construction documents aren’t all totally finished yet (which is why I hadn’t put it up) but most of it is there, and the rest will get sorted out soon.

  2. Atom (verified owner)

    This is a super fun and easy project. The range of effects is astounding and they all sound great. Lasers, phasers, wah, synth, quirky trem and modulations, subtle waves, sample/hold, and a full range static resonant filter.

  3. mybud (verified owner)

    Excellent step-by-step documentation and support. Versatile filter with a wide range of available waveforms and switchable resonance. Since the more obscure parts are thoughtfully included, it’s a doddle to build and very musically useful.

  4. John Hobson

    I really enjoyed building this set – the instructions are superb and walk you methodically through the process, giving appropriate guidance and clarification where required. I never had to ask myself the question ‘Am I doing this right?’ At any stage. I particularly liked the guidance for testing the board, that gave me the confidence that everything had been soldered correctly before pots and other off-board parts are connected. It’s refreshing to find such an experienced pedal designer who can still write instructions with the novice in mind so well. A testament to how good the instructions are that the pedal worked perfectly first time, that was a first for me!

    Now on to the sounds… this pedal is wild! There’s such a great variety of sounds I feel that in the month I’ve had it built I’ve only just about scratched the surface of what it’s capable of. Hooked up to an expression pedal you have the craziest wah you’ve ever heard through to some really tripped out synthy filter effects. There’s a ton of very usable sounds to be discovered all the way through to the more feral end of the pedal where things go very abstract and weird, cue endless hours spent jamming around on the guitar and experimenting – joyous! There’s just so much to tweak on the pedal: waveform, resonance, filter type, rate, depth and frequency with different combinations of these settings producing a wide variety of distinct sounds.

    I’ve never heard a pedal like this and if you’re at all of a more experimental persuasion it without a doubt deserves a place on your pedal board.

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