ONESHOT Event Generator

Unipolar modulation waveform generator, half LFO, half envelope!

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The ONESHOT chip is a One-Shot Event Generator. It creates interesting unipolar modulation waveforms made from a single ”ping”. You can alter the shape and speed of the ping, and also add decaying echos to it, with separate Delay and Repeats controls. This lets you easily generate interesting and unusual one-off modulation waveforms. It makes things that sounds like a ball bouncing on the floor, or a single hit with echoes, or a stick being dragged across a washboard.

As such, it exists somewhere in the area between an envelope generator and an LFO.

Download the Electric Druid ONESHOT Event Generator DatasheetElectric Druid datasheet icon

The datasheet includes the pinout diagram and application circuit.



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3 reviews for ONESHOT Event Generator

  1. Christophe (verified owner)

    Hi! Is there a way to replace the wave pot by a rotary switch ? Thanks

  2. Christophe (verified owner)

    Cool! Thanks very much !

  3. Andrew McLoud

    I became a big fan of that chip!
    The final filtering stage in the schematic didn´t went out for me, so i ignored it …
    Now it does the job in my eurorack.

    I´d like to see more of these super easy to use 5V chips!

    • Tom Wiltshire

      The passive filter in the datasheet isn’t buffered in any way, so it won’t feed a low impedance. For some uses an active filter would be better. I should draw a Eurorack schematic for this thing…

      The StompLFO is a similar design (this chip was based on it) and provides eight waveforms including two random waves. Check it out!

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