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The Druid MIDICLK chip converts MIDI clock signals into 0-5V analog pulses. It provides two separate analog clock outputs, which can be set at various division ratios of the MIDI clock, which allows crazy polyrhythmic mayhem if you’ve got two independent sequencers. It also produces short 0-5V pulses for the MIDI Start, Stop, and Continue messages, as well as providing a ‘Running’ output which is high whilst the MIDI clock is running. These signals can be used to control your analog circuits.

Download Electric Druid MIDI Clock DatasheetDruidDatasheetPDF

The datasheet includes example circuit diagrams, example waveforms, and the chip pinout diagram.

If you’d like to program your own chip for personal use, code and further details are available over on the page about the Druid MIDICLK chip.



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