KIJIMI NOISE Noise Generator


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The KIJIMI NOISE was originally designed for the Black Corporation’s Kijimi Synthesizer. It provides two digital control inputs that can turn one of three digital noise outputs on. This enables digital control of noise level or routing with no extra parts, which can reduce the complexity of voice circuits.

For example, feeding the outputs to differently-weighted resistors in an op-amp mixer circuit allows the two digital inputs to select from one of three arbitrary noise levels, or to select “noise off”.

Feeding each output to a different part of the voice circuit would allow the two digital inputs to select the noise routing. For example, OUT1 could go to the VCO pitch CV mixer, OUT2 to the VCF CV mixer, and OUT3 to the audio mixer.

Download the Electric Druid Kijimi Noise Generator Datasheet

The datasheet includes the pinout diagram and application notes.


May 2019 – Awaiting stock for this new product

We’re now taking orders for this new chip, and we’ll be shipping them as soon as we have them. The original delivery schedule slipped a bit and we’re now expecting delivery in late June or the beginning of July. Sorry for the delay!


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