NOISE 1B Noise Generator

Simple white noise generator


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The NOISE 1B is a simple digital noise source that produces pure white noise over the whole audio band – out to more than 40Khz, in fact. With filtering, you can derive pink noise and other colours. It only requires a +5V supply to operate. The chip was arranged to be as close a replacement as possible notorious MM5837 digital noise generator which appears in early Korg MonoPolys, the Sequential Prophet 5, and the Oberheim OB-X, amongst others. It can be used to upgrade the noise source in these synths.

Download the Electric Druid Noise Generator Datasheet

The datasheet includes the pinout diagram and application notes, including using the chip to replace the MN5837 in both Rev.2 and Rev.3 Prophet 5’s, early Korg MonoPolys, and the Oberheim OB-X.


You can compare the features of various Electric Druid noise chips on the “Which noise chip do I need?” page.


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