LOOPENV 1B Envelope Generator


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This chip is a development of my earlier VCADSR envelope generator. Whilst that chip had both GATE and TRIGGER inputs, this chip replaces the TRIGGER input with a MODE CV that allows selection of normal ADSR, Gated looping, or full LFO-style Looping modes.

The LOOPENV chip keeps the other features of the original VCADSR, like the LEVEL CV which controls the output level and can act as an ‘envelope depth’ control, and the TIME CV which shortens the overall time of the whole envelope. The TIME CV makes an excellent modulation input for either envelope modulation or LFO frequency modulation.


Download Electric Druid LoopEnv datasheetDruidDatasheetPDF

The datasheet includes example circuit diagrams, example waveforms, and the chip pinout diagram.

There are also further details on the Looping Envelope generator project page.


This chip is being retired!

Current stocks are now exhausted, and we’re not taking any further orders for this chip at the moment. The plan is to develop a new improved version early next year. This new chip should be able to offer more features and improved envelope quality while being easier to use and the same cost. We’ll post more details when the project gets started. Thanks for bearing with us, but coding these things takes time!


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