Flanger delay clock + LFO on a single chip


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The 4 KNOB FLANGE flanger delay clock chip makes building a sophisticated, versatile flanger into a practical project. LFO Rate, LFO Depth and Manual flanger frequency are all variable using 0-5V control voltages. The chip outputs a biphase clock from 25KHz to 500KHz that can drive MN32xx-series delay lines directly.

The chip is simple to use, with no crystal required, and is in an 8-pin DIP package. It can replace the MN3102 clock chip and the associated LFO in many modulation effects, whilst providing many new features.

Electric Druid datasheet iconFor further details including an example circuit, please see the 4 KNOB FLANGE Datasheet.

You can also find out more on the Flangelicious flanger project page.


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