AS3330 Dual Log/Lin VCA

Dual VCA with simultaneous Log/Lin control


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The AS3330 is a dual general purpose voltage controlled amplifier. The chip is Alfa’s modern pin-for-pin compatible clone of the CEM3330 dual voltage-controlled amplifier. It can also be used to build voltage-controlled filters and waveform generators. Each transconductor independently provides both linear and exponential control scaling over greater than a 100 dB range. Complete with virtual ground summing inputs, wide voltage compliance current outputs, and control inputs referenced to ground, the AS3330 requires very few external components and is extremely easy to use.

It features exceptionally low control feedthrough without trimming and low noise (better than -100dB typical).

The significant differences from the AS3360 are that the AS3330 allows simultaneous linear and exponential control, and also requires a different supply voltage. Other than that, the two chips are pretty similar!

Download Alfa AS3330 Dual Log/Lin VCA datasheet

These are brand new chips fresh from the Alfa Rpar semiconductor factory in Riga, Latvia.



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