MIDI In/Out/Thru PCB

PCB to add the three standard MIDI sockets to your projects

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The MIDI In/Out/Thru PCB is a useful little board to provide the three standard MIDI sockets in your synth. It can be used with your PIC, AVR or Arduino projects.

The board can be populated with different component values for either +5V or +3.3V operation. The required component values are shown on the Electric Druid MIDI PCB schematic diagram.

Dec 2023 – New Rev.6 PCB!

We’ve updated this board so that it can accept more different types of MIDI sockets. This makes it much easier to find parts for. Now all I have to do is update the photos above too!

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2 reviews for MIDI In/Out/Thru PCB

  1. Andreas Oswald Hierzenberger (verified owner)

    Life saver! If you knew how much I spent for downright ridiculous solutions and under-documented unmitigated drivel. These boards are exzellent, well thought-out and of high Druid quality! If i MAY suggest one tiny thing? Please add another pair of solder pads for MIDI jacks with broader pin distance at the uppermost side of the PCB (I hope you know what I mean: Not the five pins row, but the 2 pins row at the “front” of the jacks). I had to clip those two (electronically functionless) pins from my MIDI jacks because fitting jacks are almost unobtainable. Otherwise this is the pinnacle of MIDI interfacing. Thank you for this!

    • Tom Wiltshire

      Ok! Point taken! I’ll look into the pin spacing and add more options for a future revision.

  2. Claus (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. I built the 3.3v version (see schematic) and it plays extremely nicely with my Teensy 4.1 board. Using the Teensy MIDI library I was able to start reading MIDI messages in my little Teensy program within minutes. Beautiful. Just what I was looking for and it was surprisingly hard to find. Additionally, Tom was super friendly and helping out with a few pointers, etc.

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