CEM3340 VCO Rev.G

Analog VCO with three waveforms (Ramp, Triangle, Square/Pulse)

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This is the re-release version of the famous CEM3340 voltage-controlled oscillator.

It provides Ramp, Pulse/Square, and Triangle outputs,has inputs for oscillator sync, is temperature compensated and stable, and provides excellent 1V/Oct tracking. In short, it’s everything you need from an analog oscillator, on a chip. There hasn’t been a better design than the 3340.

The 3340 is the oscillator chip found in many of the famous polysynths of the analog era; the Sequential Prophet 5 and T8, the Oberheim OB-Xa and OB-8, the Roland Jupiter 6 and MKS-80, and even the MemoryMoog. It also turns up in rarer synths like The Crumar Spirit and the Synton Syrinx.

Download CEM3340 Oscillator datasheet

These are brand new chips from Curtis ElectroMusic/OnChip.

You could also have a look at our page studying CEM3340 oscillator designs from famous synths.



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