TAPLFO 3C tap tempo LFO

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The TAPLFO chip adds a powerful feature to your LFOs: you can set the LFO frequency by tapping a tempo on a button connected to the chip, or by changing the Tempo CV. With this chip you can build tap tempo effects units or stompboxes, tap tempo controlled drum machines or tap tempo sequencer clocks. All of these are described in the datasheet below.
The LFO can produce 8 waveforms, including a random (sample & hold) wave. All the waveforms except the random wave can be altered by the wave distortion CV.

The chip also includes a tempo multiplier. This is combined with the tapped tempo to allow the LFO frequency to be set at a multiple of the tapped rate. The available multipliers are 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 4. This allows half- and double-time, and triplet times.
The LFO tempo, multiplier, waveform selection, wave distortion, and output level are all voltage-controlled using 0-5V.

Download Electric Druid TAPLFO3C tap tempo LFO DatasheetDruidDatasheetPDF

The datasheet includes example circuit diagrams, example waveforms, and the chip pinout diagram.

If you’d like to program your own chip for personal use, code and further details are available over on the original article about the new Druid chips.



4 reviews for TAPLFO 3C tap tempo LFO

  1. simscia (verified owner)

    Swapping (with minor mods) a taplfo2d for the taplfo3 in a tap tempo tremolo pedal i solved issues with ticking and tap. A lot of waveforms fidelity has been gained too (this was not an issue for me anyway). Great step forward anyway

  2. Laurent MOREAU (verified owner)

    I made 2 different PCBs for this project for my modular synth, one with full features, and another one quite simple, but I can’t get one of them working (none of the 3 ic versions A,B,C)… Warform selector is unpredictable or do nothing (depend on the age of the capitain i guess); same thing with a pot. Waveform set one gives a sort of fixed voltage (vary with the frequency pot), and so on… I check my boards millions of times and i’m sure both fits the schematics . Maybe i’ve done something bad, but i can’t find what it is… Sad.
    I have a vcdo too, waiting for construction, but…
    I do diy for a few years now, and i never faced such a fail…

    • Tom Wiltshire

      Email me and we’ll discuss it. Don’t worry, it’s probably something simple. Can I have a look at the schematic you used to design the PCBs from? There may be something there you haven’t spotted.


  3. MOREAU Laurent (verified owner)

    Finaly it works!!! That was my fault (bad board cleaning…), so really take care of it.

    • Tom Wiltshire

      Glad to hear you got it running, Laurent. Enjoy the LFO now it’s going!

  4. Michael Van Dijck (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Very well documented so it’s a breeze to implement it in your designs. Dirt cheap too if you consider the hours that must have gone into development. Add to that the speedy delivery and you get another happy customer.

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