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VCDO Wavetable oscillator

The VCDO chip is a powerful voltage-controlled 8-bit wavetable oscillator. It includes a sub-oscillator, a glide feature, and separate modulation inputs for frequency and waveform modulation. Download Electric Druid VCDO Datasheet The datasheet includes example circuit diagrams, example waveforms, and the chip pinout diagram. There are further details on the VCDO project page....

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TAPLFO tap tempo LFO

The TAPLFO chip adds a powerful feature to your LFOs: you can set the LFO frequency by tapping a tempo on a button connected to the chip, or by changing the Tempo CV. With this chip you can build tap tempo effects units or stompboxes, tap tempo controlled drum machines or tap tempo sequencer clocks. All of these are described in the datasheet below. The LFO can produce 8 waveforms, including a random (sample & hold) wave. All the waveforms... Read more »...

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About Us

Electric Druid started long, long ago, when founder Tom Wiltshire began building fuzzboxes for friends at school. Tom started building his own synthesizer in 2008, developing PIC microprocessor-based designs to replace unobtainable CEM and SSM synth chips. This approach generated interest from others involved in Synth DIY and the new Electric Druid business was born to help other people who are trying to build their own synthesizer or stomp boxes. By designing simple, easy-to-use, but flexible chips, we can reduce the component count in your synth or pedal, whilst adding powerful features usually only found in professional instruments.

How to build a synth

Our simple, powerful envelope generator, LFO, and oscillator chips can reduce the complexity of several key parts of your synth circuit. Try our projects!


We offer price breaks for 10+ and 100+ quantities on all Electric Druid chips for manufacturers or shops. Our chips can push your product to the next level!

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